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    "History is a clock that people use to tell the cultural and political time of day. It is also a compass or device that people use to find themselves on the map of human geography."
    - John Henrik Clark

    Black delegates attending the 1981 Florida State Democratic Party Convention in Hollywood, Florida were alerted to the need for increasing the power and influence of Black Democrats within the party. A decision was made at the Convention to unite Black Democrats throughout the State. The decision resulted in the organization of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida.  History was made once again on September 24, 1983, when the Florida Democratic Party recognized the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida as an official affiliate organization.
    The Democratic Black Caucus of Florida is by no means exclusionary. All registered Democrats who subscribe to the Caucus’ objectives are invited to join.
    The Founder and First President, Attorney Morris M. Milton, Sr. often stated that,
    “There is no time for complacency in the lives of the members of this Caucus who are dedicated as I am to the continuing fight for equal rights”.

    Charter Members

    Aaron, James W.

    Inman, Dorothy Jean

    Abney, Everett E. Jennings, Reatha P.
    Anderson, Arthur W. Johnson, Ruby B.
    Armbrister, Hazel K. King, Willie
    Atkins, J. E. (Rev.) Knowles, Cassandra
    Bankole, Solomon Leon County Branch, NAACP
    Bowers, Thoedore(Atty.)

    Logan Willie

    Brown, Corrine Mack, Eva W. (Mayor)
    Bryant, Robert Jr. Meek, Carrie
    Buie, Louise E *. Milner, W. P.
    Burney, Gertrude B. Milton, Morris W.(Atty.)*
    Bush, T.A. Montgomery, Gertrude
    Butler, George W. Jr. Morrison, Robert B. Jr
    Byrd, Ruby McCutcheon, Pat
    Cambridge, Alma L. Nelson, Allen*
    Carson, Ernest Poole, T.H.
    Carson, Willa Reaves, C. C. (Rev.)
    Carter, Mathew Reddick, Doris
    Collins, Corine Reddick, Harold
    Cooper, Naomi Robinson, Luvinia M.
    Davies, Marvin* Sanders, Sheila
    Davis, Albert Shelton, Perkins T.*
    Davis, Ronald Simms, Katheryn D
    Dennis, Willie Snipes, Carl
    Drummer, Preston Staples, David H.
    Duckett, Gregory Stewart, Frank
    Epps, Mazie W. (Mrs.) Stokes, Willie J.
    Ferguson,Thomas (Dr.)* Taylor, Mary R. G.
    Fincher, David Tibbs, Lurina
    Foxworth, Raymond Curtis Wheat, Donald L.
    Geter, Hortense Wheat, Irma L.
    Gilbert, Constance O. White, Clarence
    Haynes, Watson Williams, Gail
    Hill, Rosalie Wright, Samuel Lamar
    Holt, Lena G.

    Young, Mamie Baker

    Hornsleth, Poul



    * Deceased